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This depends on your availability and our schedule. We do not start a job we cannot finish. But along with the quote we will give you a rough guide to the timeline of the project.  Obviously things can change due to unforeseen circumstances but we try to stick to the schedule given.

This depends on the size of the project but Glide pride themselves in trying to minimise the inconvenience and disruption to our clients. We ensure a tidy area every day at the end of the work day.

We would ask that you take any small items out of the area such as ornaments, cushions, small wall hangings which are easily removed, personal items. We will move any large items on the first day of work.  Please ensure that there is an area for the large items to be stored safely during the project.

In some instances your insurance company may approve only a partial claim, or maybe reject the full claim. If this happens Glide Construction can still carry out the work but in a private capacity. This is beneficial to you as the project manager is already knowledgeable about the requirements of the job. You can also be assured that if the insurance company have asked Glide Contractors to assess a claim they are confident that the job will be completed to the high standards they expect.

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